Chamber goals

The Federation of Arab Chambers is the legal representative of the Arab private sector, and its objectives are as follows:

First: Achieving Arab economic integration within the framework of a comprehensive, effective and developed formula, so that it can deal and cooperate with other economic blocs on an equal basis that guarantees the interests of all parties and contributes to achieving global prosperity.

Second: Representing all economic sectors, Arab, regional and international from the perspective of Arab business owners, so that it expresses their views and aspirations, coordinates and crystallizes their positions towards various economic issues and policies, and supports their role in developing and integrating their national economies.

Third: Enhancing the role of member chambers and their federations as a representative of business communities and the private sector in their countries, supporting their intellectual and administrative systems and their technical and information capabilities to fully perform this role, coordinating their views and positions with regional and international economic bodies and organizations, and supporting efforts of qualitative federations, projects and Arab economic organizations that serve their activities Union goals.

Fourth: Working to raise the efficiency and return of development plans, programs and efforts in the Arab world, by providing adequate job opportunities and employing the pillars of the market economy based on the release of fair competition, preventing monopolistic practices and ensuring equal opportunities, in order to achieve justice and social balance, which contributes to unleashing productive capacities Creative capabilities, and optimal employment of technical developments in opening markets and attracting investment.

Fifth: Striving to establish and develop the integrated development partnership between the Arab countries on the one hand, and the fair participation of all segments of society and its segments in the development efforts and their fruits within each country on the other hand, due to the positive and direct repercussions on establishing peace, prosperity and stability in these countries and the world.

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